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Make A Sugar Free Diet Your Next Goal!

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It is quite sad that something so sweet can be so dangerous.  Every time you think sugar, you think cake, chocolate, coco milk and everything else that is a diet killer.  While it is quite easy to avoid most temptations such as cake and chocolates when you are on a diet, it can be really tough to avoid sugar in daily products like coffee, food and cold drinks.  But if you really want to shake those extra pounds and restore your bodies balance then you need to start cutting back on sugar with these fun health tips for men and women.

Sugar Free Diet

The danger in sweet delights

Sugar is dangerous because it does not just cause your body weight to increase; you can start to suffer from serious conditions such as diabetes, obesity and heart conditions. Sugar also causes a spike in stress levels and can affect your teeth.   On top of that, sugar also speeds up aging because it affects the elasticity of aging cells.  People who consume a lot of sugar on a daily basis often look much older than they are simply because the sugar causes your skin to sag and reduces the ability to rejuvenate damaged cells.

How to remove sugar from your diet

If you have a sweet tooth then it can be quite tough to start avoiding sugar.  One of the biggest mistakes that people make is they cut back on all sugar quite suddenly when they decide to give up the bad habit.  This causes blood sugar levels to drop dangerously low and leaves you feeling drained, shaken and quite terrible.  If you are planning to remove sugar then you have to do it gradually.  Cut back on one sugar in your coffee the first week and another the second, until you have reached your minimum and the same goes for all foods, drinks and treats.

Compensate when you cannot tolerate

Not everyone was created the same.  Some people can cope with no sugar at all while others simply cannot stand the taste of food and drinks without sugar.  If you find it impossible to give up sugar then it is time to start looking for ways to compensate.

Drinks – If you can’t cut back on sugar anymore then try a healthier alternative like diabetic sugar instead. You should also try to find cold drinks that contain less sugar than sodas such as fruity or flavored waters.

Food – Cutting back on sugar in food can help you actually taste food’s natural sweetness.  You can also try great new recipes and combine fruits and vegetables to help you compensate for the loss of sugar in your meals.

Treats – Instead of carb loaded chocolates, why not enjoy some raisins, dried fruits and nuts instead?  These fruits and nuts will help you feel fuller for longer and is a much healthier alternative.  The next time you go grocery shopping, stock up on some fruits and nuts and avoid the sweet areas in the shop altogether.